Will Show Low Drivers Ever See the 2018 Ford Fiesta?

It may not be the most exciting model in our lineup, but the Ford Fiesta has won the hearts of many drivers looking to save money, but still enjoy an engaging ride. It was one of the first entry-level compacts to offer voice recognition technology, and the Fiesta ST is one of the hottest hot-hatchbacks out there.

The 2018 Fiesta, unveiled earlier this summer at the Geneva Auto Show, packs in more value than ever, offering more legroom for second-row passengers, stiffer body, and previously-unavailable safety tech, like a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection.

But will Show Low drivers get their chance behind the wheel?

Maybe not, according to Robert Stiller, a program management supervisor for the Fiesta in Germany. He recently told a Romanian automotive news website, 0-100, that the 2018 Fiesta would be manufactured exclusively in Germany, and would only be sold in Europe.

Other Ford representatives have yet to confirm or deny this statement, but it would follow a logical trend. American drivers are choosing larger SUVs over subcompact models like the Fiesta, which only saw about a quarter of the sales of the one-size-bigger Ford Focus last year.

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