Is a Front-Wheel Drive Performance Car Better Than Rear-Wheel Drive?

For years, sports-car enthusiasts were convinced rear-wheel drive was the only way to get good track performance. Even today, that sentiment lingers, and front-wheel drive performance cars like the Focus ST are underestimated in favor of all-wheel drive models.

But according to rally legend Andrew Comrie-Picard, that attitude simply reflects a lack of knowledge.

In a recent interview with Jalopnik, this Canadian pro driver spills some of the secrets he teaches his students about front-wheel-drive performance. One of those secrets is left-foot braking.

One of the biggest complaints about front-wheel drive cars is understeer. But by braking with your left foot while your right foot is keeping the throttle open, it slows down the rear wheels and acts a bit like a handbrake, allowing the rear end of the car to rotate around. Of course most street cars today do not appreciate having both pedals pressed at once, but the good news is, most modern cars are already equipped with electronic stability technology that does just about the same thing as left-foot braking.

So get out to the track and enjoy your front-wheel drive ST!

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