What to Do When Your Car Hydroplanes?

If your car tires have ever skidded on a wet road, then you've probably experienced hydroplaning. Hydroplaning occurs when water pressure in front of the wheel causes water to be pushed under the tire. When this happens, tires lose traction with the road, resulting in loss of steering, braking, and power control. To minimize your risk of hydroplaning, follow the tips listed below.

Drive 5 to 10 miles below the speed limit and avoid sudden increases in speed, especially during rain storms or windy conditions, to avoid hydroplaning.

If you live where it regularly rains, purchase tires designed to prevent hydroplaning. It's also important to regularly replace tires because driving on bald tires is extremely dangerous on wet roads.

Never use cruise control in the rain. Cruise control makes it more difficult to regain control of your car when your tires hydroplane.

Please contact the service center here at Show Low Ford Inc. in Show Low, AZ for more information on how to avoid hydroplaning.

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